What does it mean to truly go the distance for your child? Our lives are woven together for a reason—you were put in your child’s life to give them the love, care and attention that they need. Please don’t let them down. Your beautiful child is counting on you to understand what their dreams are—and then learn how to fulfill them.
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You can gain a lot of insight and knowledge when you read the stories of each of six children I write about. Each one has his or her own unique personality; each one has behavioral problems that I explain in detail. Then I go on to tell you how to deal with those problems and then then learn to conquer them—I will give you the knowledge to be happy and successful with your autistic child.

I wrote The Autism Handbook with you, the parent, the guardian, the care provider, in mind. I wrote it in a simplistic manner so that everyone can understand everything I have to say in an easy to read format. This book is for you!

As a teacher of special needs children, specializing in the autistic population, I open my book explaining how I first learned about the disability many years ago; however, at the time I did not realize or understand that one of my students was introducing me to this big, puzzling world we call autism.


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What’s This Book Worth?

First, let’s do some adding up. The Autism Handbook will provide you with all the information needed to understand your autistic child.

If you had to visit psychologists, autism specialists, social workers, private special needs teachers, and any other specialists, you might be spending well over $500, just to get this info.

If there is one thing that I know it is that parents with special needs children don’t have money to throw away and this is why I want to make my book affordable to you. That is why I don’t want to charge more than $15.00.

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The Autism Handbook was, and continues to be, a labor of love.

I explain the background of autism including the terrible period of ‘Refrigerator Mothers.’ I explain what autism is, possible causes, the autism spectrum, your child’s education and how you might need to fight for what your child needs, your child as an adolescent, and preparing him/her for adulthood (housing, finances, and so forth).

I wrote this book for you!

My favorite chapters I wrote were on six different children I taught at a public school for the San Mateo County Office of Education, in California. I explain their personalities, their behaviors, and how my staff and I worked with each one. I share stories – such as one boy having a major meltdown in a restaurant whereby the manager, unbeknownst to my staff and I, called the police... then, a young man who broke away from our group, ran into a fast food restaurant and took a hamburger from another customer’s hands and shoved it in his mouth before we could get to him; the same boy who ran out of our classroom with me chasing him – not knowing if I could catch him before he reached the main street full of cars. Then, the young girl who threw herself down on the sidewalk, with me standing next to her, as cars stopped wondering what I was doing.

Even trained teachers and educated as we are on the topic of autism, it is important for me to highlight that we do not have all of the answers – we simply try to do the best we can – just like you – I hope I can share these special moments with you.

One of the comments I received from my book always makes me smile when I read it. This is from Sabrina Sumsion, from Dwight, NE, who is the mother of a six year old autistic boy. She wrote, “Knowing firsthand the confusion and mass of information that overwhelms a parent, I emphatically declare that this handbook is essential reading for parents and educators working with special needs children.”

I invite you to read my book FREE of charge for one week – and if you like it, I hope you will allow me to bill you for it thereafter. If it is not all that you expected it to be, let me know, and I will NOT bill you. I really hope you will share your thoughts with me.